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La Sobreisla

Hotel La Sobreisla

La Sobreisla is born from many and very different places, born from the tropical beauty of Carenero Island, from the majestic cold of Jökulsárlón, from the elegant resorts of Key West or from the warung hanging over the cliffs of Bingin.

But above all, it is born from those moments of complicity full of love in which a couple dares to dream and say "What if..." "What if... we opened a hotel that was like a little piece of Ericeira, And if... it also had the views of that place in Manuel Antonio, and if... I made you feel the peace that you find in the high praus of Las Ubiñas...?”

La Sobreisla is one of those “What ifs…” that on rare occasions and without knowing why they become a reality.

"And what if it did" taking shape on an Asturian mansion that is said to have been firmly established on the cliffs for four hundred years, being faithful to its essence, recovering its centuries-old beams or the stones of its walls but introducing the materials and the newest ideas.

Hotel La Sobreisla

To do

In La Sobreisla we will put at your disposal the information you need to discover the secrets that Western Asturias keeps. The towns, the beaches, the mountains, the rivers and their waterfalls, the festivals and the best places to eat, where to ride a horse, try surfing or the best hiking trails... Everything at your fingertips.

Where we are

Located at the gates of the Navia Valley, the hotel La Sobreisla is located in a privileged enclave, on the cliffs, with the Cantabrian Sea and all its seafaring tradition in front and behind it the great Sierras that the Navia River has patiently carved. The Sea, the Mountain, the River... all brought together to give rise to one of the most beautiful and unknown regions of northern Spain.